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Bleh...to start out, vacation is amusing....Things I did in order in SC,

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2006
-Had breakfast at "Cracker Barrel"...maybe that was Wed. ><
-Went to the Grand Costal mall <33333
-Met up with a friend named Kyte that I met online,gave me a present..inscents ^^
-Bought a thong at pacsun that was on sale, its all starlike XD

Wednesday, Dec 27, 2006
-.....-cough- uh I dont remember what I did that day except went to a diff mall.

Thursday, Dec. 28 2006
-Went to Ross and bought pants since its the only place where I can find pants to fit my small ass -.-, but I love that store.
-Went to play putput...I dont know if thats how you spell it but its golf in many holes. It was Jurrasic themed, haha scary ne?
-Ate at New China buffet and for dinner at a Mexican restaurant

Friday, Dec. 29 2006
-Went to the flee market and bought a sanrio wallet, belly ring with a star on it, white eyeliner, 2 things of red hairdye.
-Went to broadway at the beach and spilt hot coco on my new pacsun jacket gah....><
- mother bought me a cute shirt from one of the stores on broadway, its emo looking with hearts.
-ate at a japanese steak house...yummy!!

Ill write the whole story if ever later on. lol

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